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Arrangement Principle of Concrete Pump

Pipeline layout should be consistent with the "short course, less corners, joints close" principle. When laying the horizontal pipe, it should be arranged from far to near, the pipe will be arranged to the farthest pour point, and then in the pouring process gradually toward the direction of the pump tube.

Ground level tube is generally fixed, floor horizontal pipe is required to pour a layer once again laid once again.

The vertical pipe can be laid out along the external walls of the building or outside the column, and the tower can be set up with the tower. The vertical pipe shall be provided with a base at the bottom to prevent the pipe from sinking due to gravity and shock. Stop the valve, to prevent the pump when the pump back flow.

Some concrete pump trucks are equipped with retractable or folding cloth rods, the end of a hose, the concrete can be transported directly to the pouring site, the use of very convenient.

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