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Cleaning method of pump pump for concrete pump

Concrete pump tube before cleaning, it is best to start mortar pump 0.5-1 cubic meters, completed all the pump. The last stop, pull the switch plate valve, the pressure of the accumulator to reduce.

There are two ways to tube cleaning: cleaning and air washing. Regardless of washing or gas washing, the valve box and hopper should be removed. When cleaning, the water is soaked into a cylindrical cement bag, the clean ball is placed in a clean cone tube, connected to the cone tube, pump tubing, shut off the floodgate, and the further funnel is filled with water (keep water). Pumping until the cleaning ball appeared from the pipe front. Gas Wash Blowing Air and Water Saturated to Air Cleaning Balls for the first time, connect the taper tube to the first tube and connect it to the pipe end for safe payment, the safety cover will drop. Control the compressed air pressure of not more than 0.8MPa, slowly open the valve when the concrete is open, when the valve can open large. After flue gas purification, close the valve immediately.

Cutting ring and eye wash requirements plate (butterfly valve plate valve, pump, need to match and wear pieces of the gap) is small, need a lot of water, should be strictly cleaned after the water will not move the ball through the seal. At the end of the wash, pay attention to the water pipe, do not flow Tongjiao injection parts affect the quality of concrete. The method is simple, less risky, more common.

Air compressor gas washing need to have strict operation according to regulations. Need tube seal. However, the wash is not too far away to wash. This method is prudent and more dangerous, so construction workers are far away from export-oriented to prevent the ball from flying out of injury or a clean sum.

The installation of the concrete pump is necessary, and if we can achieve this effect, the concrete pump will proceed smoothly throughout the installation process.

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