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Daily maintenance of concrete pump tubing

Concrete pump tube is our daily construction of the indispensable machinery and equipment, the use of the process we do a good job of concrete pump pipe maintenance? Here we explain in detail:

1, the pump tube model, the concrete pump pipe wall thickness, the weight of concrete pump tube, and their concrete pump should be corresponding;

2, regularly check whether the thickness of concrete pump tube changes;

3, when the pump tube can play half of the time, turn the tube, because the concrete pump tube if not turn, then there will be uneven force phenomenon, leading to early damage to the pump tube, resulting in a certain waste;

4, regularly check the pump pipe joints to see if there are excuses to open the problem, the timely replacement;

5, do the equipment of the monthly inspection, and the annual inspection work;

6, to often clean the concrete pump pipeline.

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