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Describe the hazards of concrete segregation

Cloth machine in the stand-by to be expected, the boom at the top of the pipeline after the coagulation of water, fine sand along the descending pipe loss, once the downtime, the pipe will be the top of the remaining coarse aggregate caused by blocking. Once the fabric plugging occurs, it is very time-consuming to eliminate, but also: waste a lot of concrete.

In the descending pipe of the fabric machine, the segregated material in the concrete quickly collides with the pipe wall, accelerating the wear of the conveying pipe. In particular, due to changes in the direction of the pipe speed, the impact of some of the elbows on the concrete is particularly large, and therefore the wear of these elbows is most severe. This phenomenon is particularly serious at the end of the pipe since the concrete is accelerated here To the maximum. The delivery life of the cloth machine pipeline is related to the work attitude of the material feeder. The larger the drop of the descending section of the boom pipe, the greater the acceleration impact of the concrete and the shorter the pipeline transportation life. After frequent wear and tear on the construction site, the pipeline is worn and the pipeline is replaced frequently, which not only increases the construction cost but also affects the progress of the project.

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