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Explain the problems in the cloth machine work

When using the control staff must be strictly manufactured by the manufacturer, the staff without the experience of mechanical use with caution, no manipulation of the staff without control of the fabric machine, or homework contrary to the rules to prevent failures or accidents. The use of bold and careful process to be bold, timely detection of hidden dangers, but when the control failure must find out the reasons for the failure, not to allow the cloth machine sick and lead to accidents.

Because the cloth machine is a new type of equipment, many construction enterprises still have insufficient familiarity with it and the division of the two poles is remarkable. One kind thinks the cloth machine is similar to the lifting equipment, the operation maintenance problems, the field use is not easy to handle, fears the security topic, the price title and so on its far away; Another used the cloth machine's enterprise thought that the cloth machine operation maintenance simple, and Neglecting governance and leaving workers to arbitrarily manipulate and lead to frequent equipment failure, and occasionally caused by the improper operation of dumping accident occurred.

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