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How to do Concrete pump parts cooling fan failure

Concrete Mixer The hydraulic oil cooling system is usually composed of the following four parts, one of the most prone to failure is to protect the entire circuit insurance, so you open concrete mixer friends, in the event of such problems, the first time First check whether the insurance is normal, and then other parts of the troubleshooting.

1. The heat exchanger is similar to the tank hydraulic oil flow over which cools down

And the principle of the engine cooling, concrete mixer with concrete pump parts hydraulic oil radiator to cool. The heat exchanger (also known as the cooling tank) is mounted on the motor drive fan for forced cooling, allowing the hydraulic oil to remain in the normal operating range.

Above the mechanical pointer by detecting the negative pressure in the pipeline, if there is proof of concrete pump accessories hydraulic oil filter may be blocked, just beginning to appear when only need to unplug the above rubber plug so that the pointer zero, if the back Also appeared reading and pull out the rubber plug can not be resolved after the words, you need to replace the hydraulic oil filter.

2. Temperature sensor to detect hydraulic oil temperature

A sensor mounted on the inlet of the heat exchanger is used to detect the temperature of the hydraulic oil entering the heat exchanger, which is the second point of elimination after the insurance failure is eliminated.

3. The motor drives the fan to take the hydraulic oil heat

Motor is the whole of the cooling system, the most critical components, cooling effect of good or bad, and the motor speed and running a steady state has a direct relationship. It is connected by the vehicle battery electric control box directly power supply, with electric drive motor high-speed operation, to take away the heat exchanger heat, to the concrete pump parts hydraulic oil cooling.

4. Control box is the brain does not let the hydraulic oil high temperature

Control box is the entire cooling system which the brain, similar to the vehicle ECU, the temperature sensor to pass the data through its analysis, after more than a predetermined temperature value connected to the heat motor circuit, let the motor running to take away the hydraulic oil temperature. It is equipped with the protection of the entire circuit of the insurance, so that the control box will not be easily damaged.

Concrete tanker operation is the operation of the hydraulic transmission, the concrete pump accessories hydraulic oil for a long time in the pipeline at a certain speed flow, and pipe wall friction, in the pipeline with a variety of valve resistance And pump work, concrete pump parts hydraulic oil is compressed, so that concrete pump parts hydraulic oil heat, oil temperature rise. Concrete pump parts hydraulic oil work properly, there is a certain temperature is a good thing, but if more than the temperature range, not only will make the entire work system is unstable, will damage the concrete pump parts seals and exacerbate the concrete pump parts hydraulic oil oxidation deterioration.

So the concrete pump accessories cooling system correct troubleshooting sequence: check the insurance - change the temperature sensor - replace the motor - replace the control box.

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