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How to safely operate concrete pump

After the pump is in place, it should support the legs and keep the level and stability of the fuselage. When feeding with a cloth rod, the body tilt can not be greater than 3 °. Fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, water tank to add adequate, tire pressure in line with the provisions of lighting and signal indicator light is complete; stretch cloth rods should be in the order of the factory instructions, cloth rod lift from the bracket before turning. Do not lift or drag objects with cloth rods. Do not move the body when the cloth bar is in full extension. Operation need to move the body, the upper section of the bar should be folded and fixed, moving speed shall not exceed 10km / h. Do not use the compressed air to rinse the cloth rods, the folding of the cloth rods should be carried out in the prescribed order.

When the wind in the six and above, shall not use the fabric rod to transport concrete. The piping and hose used for the cloth pipe shall be selected in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Do not use pipes with a diameter exceeding the specified diameter. The hose shall be fitted with an anti-dislocation seat belt. After operation, the various parts of the control switch, adjust the handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be reset, the hydraulic system should be unloaded, and should recover the legs, the car parked in a safe area, close the doors and windows. Winter should be put in the water.

In the actual operation of the concrete pump at the same time, the most important thing is to be safe. The only way to ensure the smooth progress of the project in order to achieve efficient purposes. Safe operation to do the above.

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