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How to strengthen the pump tube

Concrete pump pipe reinforcement Note:

1. shall not be directly supported in the steel, templates and embedded parts;

2. Horizontal pipe should be fixed at a certain distance with a bracket, pad, spreader and other fixed, in order to exclude plugging pipe, assembly and disassembly and cleaning pipe;

3. Vertical pipe should use embedded parts fixed to the wall and column or floor top hole;

4. In the wall and column each tube shall not be less than 1 fixed point in each floor reserved hole should be fixed;

5. Bend at the lower end of the vertical pipe should not be used as a support point for the upper pipe. Steel support should be set to withstand vertical pipe weight;

6. When the vertical tube is fixed on the scaffolding, scaffolding can be reinforced as required;

7. Pipe joints clamp should not slip.

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