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Peristaltic pump pump tube performance by what factors

Peristaltic pump pump performance factors are mainly in the following two aspects:

First, chemical compatibility

The pipe must be chemically compatible with the fluid to be pumped in order to have good pumping performance and safety performance. With the increasing number of pipes on the market - some peristaltic pump models can use up to 15 kinds of tubing - so users can always find a suitable pipe with a specific fluid with chemical compatibility.

Second, the pressure

The emergence of high pressure pump tubing allows the application of peristaltic pump to an unprecedented range of applications, including filtration.

The pressure source of a fluid delivery system can vary. A backpressure is generated when the fluid is pushed through a filter, or the fluid is driven through a flow meter or valve, or when the fluid is pumped into a pressurized reaction vessel. Before selecting a pipe, the user should first make sure that all the pressure source in the system has been clarified and that the measured total pressure of the system has been obtained. When selecting a pump tube for a peristaltic pump, the user should ensure that the pressure in the system does not exceed the recommended working pressure of the pump tubing. If the pressure is too high, the pump tube will bulge, with the pump head with poor, resulting in excessive wear and failure. System pressure greatly exceeds the capacity of the pump tube, or even make the pump tube burst, spray the fluid, endangering safety. After selecting a pipe, use the pressure to ensure that the pressure is maintained within the manufacturer's recommended pressure range. If the system exceeds the maximum operating pressure, a simple pressure relief valve or pressure switch can be installed to prevent excessive pressure buildup. The effect of the pressure relief valve is: when the system pressure exceeds the set value, it will exhaust to the atmosphere, the system pressure down to a safe level. A complicated pressure switch can also be used. When the pressure value exceeds the set value, it will shut off the device or ring the alarm device via a relay. When the system pressure exceeds the safety line, the above two methods are conducive to safety.

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