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Pump truck accessories for the operating system of the pump

Pump electrical control system control methods are mainly five kinds of mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical control, programmable controller, logic control. In addition to the installation of electrical control system to complete the control task, the concrete pump is equipped with a manual control system, which is also part of the control system. If the use of mechanical manipulation, the general control of the rod and the shaft control mechanism in two ways.

If the comparison between the two is not difficult to find, flexible shaft control mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, less transition joints and small empty stroke, easy travel adjustment, so the concrete pump truck operating system Mainly to choose the flexible shaft control mechanism. According to actual needs, in the pump operating system should be able to achieve stepless speed control, and can make the joystick to stop at any one position of the locking mechanism is to achieve stepless speed control of the key device, generally can choose disc spring Or spring board.

And the performance of concrete are inseparable relationship, while the operation process attention to the details of the operating procedures, timely detection and troubleshooting in order to improve the efficiency of the pump. Pipeline cleaning There are two ways to wash and air wash. Whether it is washed or air washing, the valve box and hopper should be cleaned. When the water is washed, the cemented bag and the cleaning ball which have been dipped in water have been put into a clean cone tube, connected to a tapered pipe, a pipe, close the discharge door, and then fill the hopper with water Continuous water).

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