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Pump tube card role

What is the use of concrete pump tube card? The tube card is mainly used with the pump tube, used to connect the pump tube, because the concrete transport process, there are three meters pump tube, two meters pump tube, one meter pump tube, wear-resistant bend First class, all need a pump tube card to connect.

Measure the quality of the tube card there are two signs: the first is the material and technology, casting the best, followed by ductile casting, the most common cast products, the price is in turn lower. The second is the weight of the pump tube card, heavy weight, the greater the pressure, so good quality. In general, there is a rubber ring and a rubber ring supporting the use of the pump tube card, which is also a very important accessory. Although the price is cheap, the effect is very large.

Concrete pump pipe clamp, as its name implies, is the clamp used on the pipe. Concretely speaking, it is the clamp for the direct connection of the concrete pump pipe to fix and seal the interface, so that the pump pipe can deliver the concrete normally. Pump tube The material of the tube card is usually cast, cast, and some ductile cast, and then sandblasting, dyeing, together with screws and accessories, to make a pump tube card.

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