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The difference between the welding machine and the welding of the pump tube

A, fabric machine welding process in the event of obstacles, should immediately pull down the power knife, take care of the reasons for electrician inspection and held a patch;

B, welding installation equipment deployment of the placement, patch and inspection must be held by electricians, welders do not repair the deployment of equipment deployment (unless there is a special environment);

C, the use of portable lights, the voltage should not exceed 36V;

D, welding tongs should be insulated, in order to prepare the welding clamp and welding parts to produce a short circuit and burn the welding machine, pump pipe welding things ended, the first should be arranged in a reliable welding clamp, and then turn off the power;

E, in order to prevent the arc damage, the welder must use the welding protective glass mask, the mask should be simple, flame retardant, non-conductive, no heat, no light; arc, the welder should be careful around the staff, so as not to violent arc damage others eyes, In the case of many people in the area of ​​welding, make use of the baffle; held gravity welding or device positioning welding, to particularly careful arc damage, welders or equipment workers should wear anti-light eyes;

F, welder in a large number of Yang welding, should wear leather jacket or Dai Dai cuffs, welding things will be clothes in the waist;

G, welding occasions should not have wood chips, grease and other easy to dye, so as to avoid explosion.

The above fully illustrates the difference between the welding of the fabric machine and the welding of the pump pipe. When the welding machine is obstructed during the welding process, the power supply knife should be pulled down immediately and the electrician should be checked for the reason.

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