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The main points of concrete pump pipe cleaning

(1) After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipe must be output, and then the pump, hopper, pipe rinse, the output of residual concrete can be used for tunnel floor, wall and other concrete construction. The economical way to clean the pipeline is to clean the water (sewage can not be handled with compressed air cleaning, this article will not be introduced), each time more than 260m pipe cleaning.

(2) Caution for cleaning with water:

① the performance parameters of the pump: the pressure of not less than 4.3MPa, the flow of not less than 180L / min.

② connecting pipe with a variable diameter pipe, stuffing (rubber piston, sponge ball, cement bag roll, etc.) must be tightly placed into the larger than the conveyor tube diameter tube.

③ When the sponge ball or cement bag roll, sponge ball or cement bag roll must be soaked in cement slurry.

④ cleaning the pipe from a long distance, before cleaning into the appropriate amount of cement mortar.

⑤ cleaning, the staff should stay away from the mouth, and set up a protective device to avoid rushed out of the material.

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