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There are many kinds of wear-resistant pump tubing

There are many kinds of wear-resistant pump tubing, the most common is 45mn and 55mn, 45mn wear-resistant pump tube concrete delivery volume in more than 20,000 square, in the national market has been widely used. 55mn material effect is better, the price should be higher.

Wear the thickness of the pump tube, including 4.5mm, 4.8mm two, 4.5mm wall thickness is mainly used in the 40 meters below the pump, if your pump more than 40 meters, please use the wall thickness of 4.8mm.

Wear-resistant pump tube using Anshan Iron and Steel alloy steel pipe welding, after high-temperature quenching treatment, so that wear-resistant pump tube wall forming 2.0mm wear layer, wear-resistant layer hardness of HRC60 above, both ends of the standard 125A flange, Above the wear-resistant sets to ensure that the amount of concrete delivery.

Tips: When the concrete delivery capacity of more than 10,000 square, please 180 ° rotating pump tube, so that wear-resistant pump pipe uniform wear.

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