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Underground construction of wear-resistant pump tube need to pay attention to the problem

Generally speaking, the wear-resistant pump pipes on the construction site are laid underground, as this can save space on the ground and prevent someone from walking on the ground, resulting in pipeline damage. First of all, the first step is to carry out foundation construction. Because it is built under the ground, it needs to be dredged.

When digging a ditch to lay a pipe, pay attention to whether there are any wires or other pipes laid underground before, and pay attention to some facilities that existed before the protection. Construction of the foundation can begin to wear pump tube laying. There are a lot of things to pay attention to during the laying process. Even buried in the ground, but also the need to install a fixed shelf.

Drainage around the shelves also have to do some construction, so that the pipeline will not rust, the use of time will be very long. And if there are more than two pipelines need to be paved in parallel, the pipe must be kept a certain distance between, so you can well prevent the resonance from happening.

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