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What are the precautions for using the concrete pump pipe

Concrete pump pipe precautions are as follows:

1. When any problem occurs in the pump, it is necessary to stop the inspection. When the pump is in operation, it is forbidden for the hand to extend into the area where there are moving parts such as hoppers, water tanks, and reversing cylinders.

2. Never open the hydraulic fittings or loosen the hydraulic flange bolts when the hydraulic system is not unloaded. High-pressure hydraulic oil injection can cause great harm!

3 · To repair regularly, to prevent the pipe card, pipe burst or clogging open to cause personal injury!

4. Concrete pump power supply wiring must have leakage protection switch. Always check whether the original equipment is working properly and whether the cable is damaged to prevent electric shock or death.

5. When pumping, be armed with attention to concrete splashing or other items entering the eye.

6. Before the concrete pump is used, it is necessary to check the support conditions of the hopper and the chute in the upper part of the pump to ensure stability and reliability. Pay special attention to the overturning caused by the pump!

7. The concrete in the concrete pump hopper must be higher than the agitator shaft.

8. All electrical appliances used, installation, wiring must be carried out by professionals.

9. Safety and accident prevention devices should be installed at the construction site.

10 . After using the pump, be sure to power off and clean it with water.

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